About Me



Hello, I’m Robena and I am a health and nutrition enthusiast! So much so that in 2017, I decided to shift gears and pursue a second career as a Registered Dietitian. What sparked this, you ask? Well, ten years ago, I had moved from Alberta to Toronto for my first degree in Engineering. The transition was challenging and quite frankly, humbling; it ultimately triggered my three-year battle with depression. I was lucky enough to have positive influences in my life and so I slowly took steps to change the quality of food I was eating and also began exercising. Over time, I noticed that there were immense improvements in my thoughts, behaviours, and even my relationships.


I was intrigued. I started doing research and discovered that nutrition and movement do indeed influence mental health. It was an “AHA” moment. As a society, we often talk about nutrition and exercise only when we want to lose weight or deal with a physical illness. Don’t get me wrong, these concerns are significant in their own right, but mental health is also extremely important. My awareness on the multifaceted effects of diet quality and physical activity continued to develop and I became increasingly determined to share this with others.

And so here I am! After finishing a Nutrition and Food program in the summer of 2020, I started my Master of Public Health in the fall on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian.


I love fitness, lifting weights, reading psychological thrillers, and all things food. I hope to share my passion with you all, along with recipes and tips on how to nourish your body and mind right along with me!